As a manufacturer operating in accodance with good corporate governance principles, Asian Insulators Public Company Limited does business ethically for betterment of the society and environment. The Company acknowledges our responsibility to society and the environments and has been involved in various social contribution activities that are also responsible through our personnel.
The Company Corperate Social Responsibility can be categorized into four ares; society, environment, customers and employees. These activities have included:
Asian Insulators’ staff has donated the blood for 9,600 C.C. to The Red Cross of Sing Buri Province.
Asian Insulators support Manufacuring Study Tour of local College student to get the hands and experience on the manufacturing process, quality control, production management.
Asian Insulators gave a sponsor for Bowling charity for blinded children, which organized by Bhurapha University.
Participate the Community Labor Cup football tournament of Sing Buri Province to supporting the preventive of drugs program which was sponsored by Labor Department, Sing Buri Province, and City Hall.
Sponsor for 150,000 Baht Scholarship for poor student via Chulalongkorn University Alumni Association and Provincial Electricity Authority.
The environment in society and in communities is another point that the Company always realized the importance of. The location of factory has been designed to be pleasant with landscaped gardens, trees, and activities. The highly efficient waste water treatment system provides treated water to the gardens, trees. Therefore, apart from helping to preserve the environment.
The Company is also supports efforts to preserve the environment by the use of recycled paper thought the Company and subsidiaries.
All of Company’s cars, trucks and heavy duty machineries are using Gasohol and Biodiesel as fuels, to reduce the global warming, reduces dependence on foreign oil, Sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable, Promotes economic development, Produces lower emissions.
Asian Insulators has support as a sponsor for our customers internal sport activities such as Basket Ball, Football, and Volley Ball. Also support as a sponsor for charity golf which organized by our customers such as Provincial Electricity Authority and Metropolitan Electricity Authority.
The Company places great emphasis on personnel development. The various study and training courses have been organized for the Company employee to enhance their knowledge, ability and skill. In 2007, both in-house and outside study and training course were organized for the Company’s employees.
Awards and Commendations
The Company received many honorary awards and commendations in 2007, such as
Asian Insulators Public Company Limited received an award for “Outstanding Enterprise in Labor Relations and Employee Welfare”, during the competition for the year 2006 organized by the Department of Labor Protection and welfare, of the Ministry of Labor. Asian Insulators has received this award for two consecutive years.
Asian Insulators Public Company Limited received a commendation from Sing Buri Technical College for supporting and advisory curriculum.
Asian Insulators Public Company Limited received a honorary award from Mayor of Sing Buri Province for support and helping local society.
Asian Insulators Public Company Limited received a commendation for supporting “Safety at work of the month”campaign.