Asian Insulators Public Company Limited (AI) was founded on May 12, 1981 with commitment to manufacturer and distribution of high quality porcelain insulators products for electricity distribution and transmission lines. In the past 29 years, we have archived the milestones as follow:-

Year 2007 Established a subsidiary company named AI Ports and Terminals Company Limited (AIP) for 86.50% stakeholder. AIP’s business are depots for palm oil, petroleum, lubrication oil storage tanks, and jetty for ship tankers services.
Year 2006 Established a subsidiary company named AI Logistics Company Limited (AIL), for 84.50% stakeholder. AIL’s business are sea and land logistics with Board of Investment (B.O.I) privilege. – Established a subsidiary company named AI Energy Company Limited (AIE), for 75% stakeholder for Alternative Energy business.
The Company has increased the stakeholder in Electrical Projects Company Limited to 99.84% and changed its name to AI Engineering Services Company Limited.
Year 2005 The Company has received a privilege from Board of Investment (B.O.I) for manufacturer of Compound Clay for Porcelain Insulators industry with the output capacity of 25,000 metrictons per annual.
Year 2004 The Company has changed its status to Public Company Limited and registered capital to 500 million Baht.
The Company has formed a joint venture company with PPC Insulators (Europe), for 40% stakeholder with Board of Investment (B.O.I) privilege. The joint venture company named as PPC Asian Insulators Company Limited. Its factory is located at Sing Buri Province, and manufactured Porcelain Insulators for 11 – 230 kV, and 100% of its products will be exported to U.S.A. and Europe markets where PPC Insulators are located.
The Company has invested in Electrical Projects Company Limited (EPC) with 94.48% stake. EPC is an Engineering contractor for design supply and installation of high voltage Substation and Transmission lines, the registered capital is 200 million Baht.
Year 2003 The Company achieved and accredited quality assurance to ISO 9001-2000
Year 2001 Received Board of Investment (B.O.I) promotion privilege